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wooden blackboard

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A large wooden drawing board will provide children with many hours of creative fun. You can write or draw on it with the included stylus pencil and reflect various interesting patterns and shapes with four magnetic stamps. After putting each of them in the right place on the board, thanks to the magnets they will not get lost and will stay in their place :)

A pencil ideally suited to the child's little hands will facilitate drawing, and the handles on the stamps will make it easier to reflect the shapes on the board. A wooden board is great fun in which the drawings appear and disappear. While playing, the child learns to recognize shapes, creates wonderful drawings, discovers and develops his artistic talent. After playing and learning in a magical and easy way using a wooden slider, the child will clean the board in a few seconds and start playing again. The chalkboard is a great gift for any lover of writing and drawing.

The array develops:
- motor skills
- creativity
- hand-eye coordination
- dexterity and cognitive skills

- has a large drawing area with four vivid colors
- Includes 4 wooden stamps (triangle, circle, square and star) that are magnetized to stay in place
- Drawing pencil attached to the board with a string, never get lost
- The easy eraser strap of the slider allows kids to clean the board in seconds
- a great toy for developing coordination, providing hours of fun
- solid wooden structure with rounded edges and soft corners
- safe to use, BPA-free, lead-free and non-toxic
- meets and exceeds all safety standards

Board dimensions:
- thickness 1.9 cm
- height 22.1 cm
- width 30.5 cm


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