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Collection: Newborn toys

Baby's first toys - certified and safe

How to choose the first toys for a month old baby? Children need toys from the first days of their lives. They not only make spending time together with the loved ones more enjoyable, but also stimulate the development of the baby. In the multitude of various products for the youngest, it is sometimes difficult to choose the really valuable ones. So what is worth knowing when buying the first toys for a monthly child?

When choosing a toy for a baby, remember that it should be not only aesthetic or interesting, but above all safe. Safe toys for children do not have

sharp elements that can hurt the baby, do not emit loud and irritating sounds, are anti-allergic, and the cuddly toys are made of soft, high quality fabrics that can be washed in the washing machine. Thanks to this, you can take care of their proper hygiene, which is especially important for children who like to try everything.

When buying toys for a month-old baby, it is worth following the principle, less is more.

Therefore, choose a few good-quality products, developed by experienced specialists on the basis of scientific research. You will be sure that they will not only please your baby or interest him, but also stimulate his proper development. In our store you will find toys made of high-quality materials such as wood, silicone, rubber, cotton or alpaca wool, the high quality of which is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

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  • soft rattle
    soft rattle rabbit
  • foam floor mat
    foam floor mat eucalyptus
  • foam floor mat
    foam floor mat light brown
  • foam floor mat
    foam floor mat blue
  • Black & white cards for babies
    Black & white cards for babies safari animals
  • Music mobile
    Music mobile moon and star
  • Crochet rattle mushroom
    Crochet rattle mushroom pink
  • foam floor mat
    foam floor mat warm sand
  • Baby Gym motor skills training stand
    Baby Gym motor skills training stand beige
  • Baby Gym motor skills training stand
    Baby Gym motor skills training stand white
  • Baby Gym motor skills training stand
    Baby Gym motor skills training stand grey
  • Black & white cards for babies
    Black & white cards for babies farm animals

Toys for a newborn - what to choose for the first days of a child's life?

In the first months, the toddler "adapts" to the surrounding reality. What is clear to us adults and, of course, foreign and unknown to a newborn. At this stage of life, the baby adapts to completely different conditions than those surrounding him in the prenatal period. Therefore, when choosing toys for small children, remember to keep them as simple as possible.

In our offer you will find toys for the newborn that are ideally suited to his needs. An example would be the first "cloth" cuddly toy made of soft cotton muslin. It will surely become your child's favorite toy for a long time. At an early age, the child is not able to grasp most of the items, so it is worth choosing soft rattles and pendants, which can accompany the baby both while resting and playing at home, as well as while traveling. Rattles made of delicate cotton with a bell inside, stimulate the sense of hearing and strengthen the grasping reflex.

The layette "must have" is from Humming Bear Moonie (this product is not available in this category, maybe it is worth adding?). This unusual cuddly toy is irreplaceable in calming and putting down a newborn baby. It is not an ordinary music box, because the sounds of the Bear's Noise are perfectly suited to the baby's needs. You can choose from safe and natural pink noise recorded in nature with a soothing frequency for your newborn that drowns out background noise. The natural sound of a mother's heartbeat helps the baby feel safe. In addition, the Humming Bear has a bedside lamp inside with a soft light in various shades to choose from. It is also equipped with special sensors, thanks to which it reacts to the baby's crying, which activate both the lamp and soothing sounds.

Sensory toys - a good choice in the first months of life

Sensory toys stimulate the child's physical and mental development. They affect the senses such as sight, hearing and touch. Choosing the right sensory toys tailored to their ability to explore the world is extremely important. It is worth remembering that a child's eyesight continues to develop in the first months after birth. Therefore, very colorful toys are not the best choice for a baby.

If you want to stimulate your baby's development in the first months of life, it is better to choose toys in contrasting colors, e.g. black and white. Our store offers sensory cards with simple pictures that stimulate not only the development of eyesight, but also the brain, shaping subsequent skills, e.g. eye-hand coordination. The first sensory book is also a good choice for the first toy for a baby that will stimulate his senses. Made of soft materials, just like the cards, it is kept in contrasting colors.

What educational toys should you choose to support your child's development?

While it may seem like a strange idea to buy educational toys for babies, learning through play is the best way to explore the world.

Various educational mats are perfect for this type of play. It is a sensory toy that will give your child a lot of fun and at the same time stimulate his senses. A sensory contrast mini-mat is available in our store. Decorated in black and white. It has large, clear patterns that enhance the shaping of eyesight, rustling and delicately ringing elements stimulate the sense of hearing, and various textures of materials, or a wooden teether allow the child to develop the sense of touch. Thanks to its small size, the mini-mat can also be taken for a walk or a trip.

A large educational mat in pastel colors, made of organic cotton, will be perfect for slightly older children. You can use the loops on the sides attach various sensory toys or rattles. If you're looking for something that will last for years, choose That's Mine foam floor mat. Made of a special, safe EVA foam, it is soft enough to secure the child during uncontrolled movements, and also durable. Perfect for both babies while lying down and playing on belly in the first months of life, as well as older kids, for example to do flips or other acrobatics.

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