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Ecological approach

As a company, we make every effort to ensure that our activities have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. We focus on implementing solutions that minimalize waste generation, we do not use plastic fillers in packages or stretch film, we order products that are based on the principle of pre-orders - a limited number of goods is being produced (thus excluding senseless overproduction), we also choose items that are certified, ethical, safe for the environment and the consumer.

In our assortment you will find selected proposals - when choosing pearls from new collections, we are guided by practicality, our private experience and taste. We try to choose timeless designs and products that will serve you longer than one season or will successfully find new owners. We believe that thanks to this we do not circulate unnecessary objects that clutter the surroundings.

We care about the aesthetic packaging of your orders. We realize that the first impression and pleasure of receiving a beautiful package is extremely important for the consumer, but when ordering in our store, you will not find too many additional beautifiers in the packages, you may get an order packed in a "second hand" carton, in which we have received the delivery. The filling securing the goods in the package can also be recycled. Don't be angry! We do it for our common good! We guarantee that the quality of the things we offer will certainly be compensated by the minimalistic appearance of the packaging :)

The materials we order - such as „thank you” cards, tape, paper, and even vegan gummies (which we sometimes add to our orders) have sustainable production certificates, and we guarantee that we use them wisely, so that nothing is wasted!

In our warehouse, we take care of minimum energy consumption and segregate all waste.

We are aware that running a store involves the circulation of new goods, so we encourage you to make wise purchases! We will always honestly advise you and help you choose the right cosmetic, a hit gift or proven baby essentials, so as to avoid the need to return products and thus generate an additional carbon footprint (wasted packaging, courier journeys, etc.).


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