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Necessary layette accessories for newborns

The arrival of a new family member is an extraordinary event that needs to be properly prepared. A baby layette is a range of various products that will serve the child and parents for many months or even years. If the place to sleep and rest is ready, and there are clothes in the wardrobe, it is now worth choosing the necessary accessories for babies. In our store you will find practical high chairs and loungers, nests for babies, as well as necessary small items such as bibs, teats or cuddly hot water bottles.

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  • baby nest Snuggle Me Organic
    baby nest Snuggle Me Organic birch
  • Silicone pacifier clip
    Silicone pacifier clip sage
  • 2-pack of round rubber teats 0-3m
    2-pack of round rubber teats 0-3m powder pink/milky white
  • Organic cotton Snuggle Me Organic cover
    Organic cotton Snuggle Me Organic cover natural
  • Bundle Of Light mini lamp
    Bundle Of Light mini lamp miffy
  • Silicone pacifier clip
    Silicone pacifier clip stone
  • Bib expresso
    Bib expresso eucalyptus
  • Wooden flying koko bird mobile
    Wooden flying koko bird mobile dark
  • Bibs De Luxe silicone teat
    Bibs De Luxe silicone teat dark oak
  • Symmetrical Bibs baby pacifier
    Symmetrical Bibs baby pacifier ivory
  • cotton ring sling
    cotton ring sling flow
  • Tripp Trapp growing chair
    Tripp Trapp growing chair walnut brown

Completing baby accessories - how to prepare to welcome a newborn baby?

When preparing a layette for a newborn, focus on quality and practicality. When choosing accessories for babies, you should pay special attention to the materials from which they are made. When developing our store's offer, we chose the highest quality products, made of natural materials such as wood, linen or cotton. We are aware that it has a significant impact on the health and safety of the child, as well as the surrounding environment.

When preparing a layette to welcome your newborn baby, make a list of the things you will need first. If you have a problem with this, you can use our Newborn Compendium. It was developed in cooperation with specialists: a lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw, an experienced midwife and a certified lactation consultant. The Vacation Compendium contains lists with essentials, which have been divided into individual sections, as well as useful descriptions and practical tips. It is worth remembering that a complete layette should contain products that will work well not only in the first months of life, but also later. When choosing the necessary accessories for babies, you cannot forget about the comfort of the future mother. Certainly, the basic product on this list will be a cotton scarf or a baby carrier. Made of high-quality cotton, they are comfortable both for home use and while walking or running errands. A baby in a sling or carrier can be close to your body, and you have your hands free.

The most important elements of a layette - what cannot be missing in your home?

There are products that cannot be missing from any layette. They ensure the comfort of functioning at home for both the child and parents. What's more, they can be modified and adapted to the changing needs of the baby with age and growth. Such a "must have" is certainly the Tripp Trapp chair growing with the child. The product made of wood with a simple and functional design fits into any interior. The chair should be supplemented with such accessories as a comfortable and ergonomic Newborn Set Tripp Trapp set for a newborn. In this way, the child will be able to accompany the family at the table, from the first days of his life. In our offer of accessories and layette necessities you will also find comfortable and practical baby bouncers as well as soft and enveloping nests for babies.

Necessary accessories for babies - what is worth buying?

Necessary accessories for babies, such as pacifiers or cuddly toys, complement the layette that cannot be forgotten. It is worth taking care of these details at the end, which does not mean that you should not choose them wisely. Pacifiers have their supporters as well as opponents. Many studies show that an improperly selected nipple can have a negative impact on the development of speech or suckling disorders that make breastfeeding difficult. However, there are many young children with a strong need for suckling, for whom breastfeeding alone is not enough, and this reflex can be satisfied with the help of a nipple. So instead of completely rejecting this solution, it is worth choosing a product developed by specialists that is safe for the newborn. In our offer you will find rubber teats, made of 100% organic materials, which were designed in cooperation with neonatologists. A convenient addition to the pacifier is a silicone case that makes it easy to store. Properly designed products selected for a baby layette should not only work in the first months of life, but also serve for the following years. Just like that. >You can find accessories and necessities in our store.

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