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Baby walking accessories

A walk in the fresh air is every day a new adventure for an infant, during which the child learns the world. Such daily activity is an important stimulus for him development, as well as the body's resistance. That is why it is worth going out for a walk with your baby at any time of the year, regardless of the weather outside. The exceptions should be only extreme weather conditions. To make this an everyday event pleasure, one should prepare for it properly. In our offer you will find practical accessories for a walk for babies, such as comfortable bags and organizers for strollers, portable changing tables, scarves and warm sleeping bags for bad weather, which will work well on every trip.

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  • waterproof muffs for a pram with sheep's wool
    waterproof muffs for a pram with sheep's wool black
  • Protective winter cream for babies
    Protective winter cream for babies 50 ml
  • All You Need Changing Pad
    All You Need Changing Pad navy
  • Wool mini footmuff
    Wool mini footmuff beige
  • Warm stroller mittens
    Warm stroller mittens vanilla
  • Sensory toy for a stroller
    Sensory toy for a stroller dragon tale
  • Activity ring for hanging Cloud
    Activity ring for hanging Cloud
  • 2in1 Footmuff with wool iGrow
    2in1 Footmuff with wool iGrow grey melange
  • cotton ring sling
    cotton ring sling flow
  • Olivie organizer bag
    Olivie organizer bag oat
  • Olivie organizer bag
    Olivie organizer bag tuscany rose
  • Olivie organizer bag
    Olivie organizer bag black

Accessories for a walk for babies - it is always worth having with you

You need to prepare properly for a walk with an infant, it will allow your little one to feel comfortable throughout the walk. Therefore, you should always have spare nappies, wet wipes, something rainproof. It will also be useful sensory a stroller pendant in contrasting colors that will surely attract the child's attention. In our store you will find the All you need bag stroller bag, in which you can pack the necessary accessories for a walk with your baby. This practical bag from Konges Sløjd will not only hold everything you need to carry with you during walks, but also includes a removable changing mat.If you are looking for something smaller than a stroller bag, choose a trolley organizer in which you can hide the necessary small items. It's good to have during walks with your baby with you a practical changing mat, thanks to which you can quickly and conveniently change your baby's diaper, almost anywhere. A walk with a baby in a sling is a great solution, especially when it is warm. The upright position makes it much easier for a child to observe the world. The cotton ring sling is easy to put on and comfortable to use. It works well both during walks, as well as when taking care of various matters or shopping.How to prepare for winter walks? Winter walk is also necessary, so it's not worth giving it up when it gets cold and unpleasant outside. For such trips, it is worth choosing accessories that protect the toddler from the cold, made of high-quality materials. In our store you will find products made of natural sheep's wool that will be perfect for winter walks. We especially recommend a sleeping bag for a stroller or car seat with certified natural sheep wool. The inner layer is a soft and warm sheep fleece that protects the baby from the cold. On the outside, a waterproof sheathing was used, at the same time providing the child with protection against rain and snow. In order to ensure comfort also for mothers during winter walks with babies, we offer warm muffs with natural merino wool, which are easy to take off and put on.

Toys useful in a stroller - how to spice up a child's walk?

In the first months of life, during walks, the child lies in the gondola, which limits the observation of the world. Therefore, in a pram, there should be sensory toys that will attract the baby's attention. When buying such a toy for a baby stroller, take a moment to choose the right product. Remember that accessories for a walk for an infant should be, above all, safe and tailored to his needs and perception. In our store you will find toys and sensory pendants for the pram made of soft materials. A perfect example are the Activity Ring pendants consisting of a soft cuddly toy, a silicone teether and rustling elements that will stimulate your child's senses and activity.

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