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Collection: First clothes

The first clothes for the baby

Buying the first clothes is a great joy and pleasure for parents waiting for the arrival of a new family member. At the same time, it is not such an easy task at all. Children's stores offer a wide selection of clothes for newborns and toddlers, varying in quality, color or number of decorations. When preparing our offer, we chose products that are safe for the child's skin, durable and practical to use. You will find soft cotton pajamas, comfortable bodysuits, warm sweaters and merino wool jumpsuits for fall and winter for your baby.

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  • Merino wool jacket
    Merino wool jacket natural
  • Merino with silk body
    Merino with silk body grey
  • Merino wool seamless pants Guido
    Merino wool seamless pants Guido cream
  • Cathie baby onesie with zipper
    Cathie baby onesie with zipper light brown melange
  • warm merino wool bonnet
    warm merino wool bonnet saffran
  • Merino wool jacket
    Merino wool jacket rosewood
  • Merino wool jacket
    Merino wool jacket blau
  • Merino wool overall
    Merino wool overall walnuss
  • Merino wool overall
    Merino wool overall saffran
  • Baby merino Harvey vest
    Baby merino Harvey vest apricot
  • Merino wool onesie with teddy ears Allie
    Merino wool onesie with teddy ears Allie off white
  • Merino Beanie Newborn 0+
    Merino Beanie Newborn 0+ cream

What should baby clothes be like?

When choosing clothes for a baby layette, it is worth remembering about a few important issues:

  1. Buy products made of high-quality natural materials. If the baby's clothes contain artificial additives, they should not exceed 20% of the total composition.
  2. Remember that clothes must be adapted to the delicate skin of the child. Therefore, buy clothing that is soft and delicate to the touch.
  3. Children's clothes should be flexible, thermo-active and anti-allergic.
  4. Choose practical baby clothes, easy to take off and put on. In the first months of a newborn's life, this is the most convenient option. Numerous buttons and decorations not only hinder the entire process of changing the baby, but can also hurt the delicate body of the baby.
  5. Sizing a newborn baby can be problematic. Even if your doctor gives your approximate birth weight during an ultrasound scan, it may not always match your actual birth weight. Therefore, it is worth choosing size 56 at the beginning. This is a standardized size for children with an average birth weight of 3.2-3.4 kg. For slightly smaller babies, eg with lower birth weight, initially choose clothes in size 50. In the following months, the clothes for the baby should be adjusted to the baby's growth rate.
  6. Babies grow quickly, so when preparing a layette for a newborn, it is worth buying fewer clothes of good and proven brands with neutral colors. High-quality products will not lose their properties, discolor and remain soft and pleasant to the touch despite frequent washing. Thanks to this, you will be able to sell them later or pass them on to a friend or other children in the family.

Newborn's first outfit - choose natural materials

When buying your baby's first clothes, choose those made of natural materials. This is important because the skin of a small child is very sensitive to irritation. What materials to choose when buying clothes to ensure comfort and convenience for the baby?

Organic cotton - comes from organic farming where the use of toxic pesticides and artificial fertilizers is prohibited. It is the most natural and healthy product. Organic cotton allows the skin of a newborn to breathe, has thermoregulatory properties and absorbs moisture well. In addition, it is better in terms of quality than ordinary cotton, it is more durable, and its fibers do not lose their natural elasticity. That is why organic cotton is used to produce high-quality baby clothes such as rompers, bodysuits and pajamas that you can find in our store.

Merino wool - it is becoming an increasingly popular material used in various clothes for children, not only for winter. These extremely valuable natural fibers are light, effectively protect against moisture, are antistatic, do not absorb odors, and provide thermal insulation.

Newborn baby clothes made of merino wool and silk, such as bodysuits, leggings or pajamas, are perfect for the whole year. They will provide warmth on autumn and winter days, while in spring or summer they will protect against overheating and sweating. In addition, they are extremely soft and delicate to the touch. A baby's winter wardrobe should not lack socks, hats, sweaters or jumpsuits with merino wool, which effectively protects against the cold.

What clothes should a baby layette contain?

There are models of clothes that must be found in every baby layette, regardless of the season. The first place on the list is certainly an organic cotton short-sleeved body with comfortable snaps. It can be worn on warm spring and summer days on its own so that the baby is not too warm. Organic cotton allows your baby's skin to breathe, preventing it from sweating. In autumn and winter, the envelope body will be perfect for a warmer sweater or blouse. Another clothing "must have" for newborns that you will find in our offer is a long-sleeved body made of merino wool and silk, as well as sets of pajamas and rompers. Soft and delicate, they will not irritate the skin and will work well both during the day and at night.

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