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Pamela swimsuit black
Pamela swimsuit black

Hunza G

Pamela swimsuit

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Meet the unique Hunza G swimsuit. Thanks to the unique Original Crinkle™ fabric, Hunza swimsuits have one size that fits perfectly to ANY figure, emphasizing its beautiful shapes. Whether you're pregnant, slim, athletic, curvy, tall or short, the Hunza G swimsuit will fit (and stay with you for years).

Did you know that the Hunz costume was worn by Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman? :)

The production of Hunza G is carbon neutral.

Originating in Great Britain, the distinctive crinkle fabric is made without wasting material. The one-size-fits-all approach is not only an attempt to remain an all-inclusive brand, but also reduces the risk of buying the wrong size and needing extra emissions when returning. Ethical and comfortable, each piece will accompany you for life. Fair trade and a consistently positive environment are key to providing the best end product to a community of loyal customers. Hunza G Ltd is a carbon neutral company. 2020 carbon footprint collected and offset by BeZero Carbon Ltd.

ONE SIZE (from 34 to about 44)

Original Crinkle™

9 953 280. This is the number of stitches needed to make just one of our iconic swimsuits. Consciously constructed from the signature crinkle fabric - which is made in state-of-the-art factories - each Hunza G outfit is designed in a unique one size fits all. To ensure your favorite fit lasts a lifetime, we recommend that you strictly follow our care instructions.

Be careful with chlorine and temperature

Oils and chemicals such as chlorine can damage the fabric and color of your Hunza G, especially with neon colors. After swimming, remember to wash your hands and rinse your swimsuit thoroughly with cold water. If you feel it needs a deeper clean, we recommend using a mild detergent. This prevents long-term chlorine absorption, which will damage the fabric.

Avoid wearing Hunza G in hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and hot springs as extreme temperatures can damage the material, color and quality of your product.

Dry carefully

Elastane - the composition of Hunza G's proprietary material - does not like heat or chemicals. Do not tumble dry Hunza G or hang it on a radiator, air drying is best. Please dry flat and away from direct sunlight.

Be careful with creams

Sunscreens, body oils and moisturizers can cause discoloration, especially on lighter fabrics. To prevent stains, we advise you to apply sunscreen first and make sure it is completely dry before putting on your swimsuit.

Avoid rough surfaces

With a textured, crinkled finish, the unique Hunza G fabric easily catches anything rough. Keep the Hunza G away from frayed surfaces or rough accessories to avoid snagging and snags.

Shipping time 2-5 working days. You can read more about returns and complaints here.


Pamela swimsuit
Pamela swimsuit
Hunza G

Pamela swimsuit

Regular price €185,00 EUR Sale price €185,00 EUR
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