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round rubber nipple

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Round rubber nipple made of natural rubber by HEVEA. Functional and safe. It has ventilation holes in interesting shapes.

The nipple with the handle (an element necessary for safety reasons) has been completely cast. This form prevents potentially dangerous situations. It is also a way to keep the teat clean when properly used. The absence of gaps, joints, etc. eliminates places where dirt accumulates, bacteria multiply and mold can grow. The material from which the HEVEA pacifier is made is very important. It is a natural rubber that is sustainably sourced from evergreen rubber trees. The rubber is 100% safe for the health of the child. And at the same time flexible, pleasant to touch and durable.

In HEVEA colored nipples, natural dyes are added at the stage of pouring the entire product, which is a guarantee of safety and hygiene. As a result, discoloration may appear on their surface. This apparent lack of ideality is, however, a clear confirmation of their naturalness. And each such "imperfection" is a qualitative feature, not a defect.

HEVEA round nipple:

  • made of 100% natural rubber latex;
  • "Cast" entirely with a handle and a natural dye,
  • no PVC, BPA, phthalates,
  • no artificial colors,
  • soft and gentle on the baby's mouth,
  • unique vents,
  • hygienic durable construction - eliminates bacteria,
  • ergonomic butterfly shape fits baby's nose and chin,
  • the shape and holes in the nipple prevent the formation of negative pressure around the mouth,
  • discoloration that may appear is a quality feature, not a defect,
  • meets the EU EN1400 standard, American CPSIA regulations and AUS AS 2432-1991 regulations; ASTM, SOR, AS / NZS ISO 8124

Washing and storage:

  • should be washed by hand under running water or in a dedicated device,
  • cannot be sterilized in a microwave oven,
  • cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher,
  • do not leave the liquid for sterilization longer than required,
  • when not in use, the pacifier should be stored in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat,
  • safety standard: EN 1400, CPSIA, ASTM, SOR, AS / NZS ISO 8124.


  • Before each use, check the teat carefully. Watch it and also pull it in all directions!
  • Discard the teat at the first sign of material damage or weakening!


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