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Organic humming bear with a lamp

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Organic humming bear with a lamp Organic humming bear with a lamp Organic humming bear with a lamp Organic humming bear with a lamp Organic humming bear with a lamp humming organic teddy bear with a bedside lamp Organic humming bear with a lamp

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Safe, natural, pink noise - The sounds of the humming bunny and humming MOONIE the bear are real recordings of natural pink noise , not computer generated noise. The sound of a heartbeat is a real recording of the hum from inside mom's belly. Thanks to this, it allows the child to calm down and feel safe, with the already well-known sound. The sound of sea waves was recorded by the Baltic Sea, and the sounds of a forest stream in Tarach.
The sounds of the bunny and MOONIE the bear muffle the sounds from the environment , thanks to which everyday, home noises do not wake the baby up from sleep.
MOONIE's humming friend has a module with the ability to adjust the volume , so you can choose the right volume level to the conditions and needs of the child.
Humming bunny and humming MOONIE bear also have a lullaby that will put babies to sleep with the sounds of kalimba.


Babies, while still in their mother's womb, are surrounded by sounds of low frequencies, therefore the sounds of MOONIE are safe, natural pink noises dominated by sounds of low frequencies.
In the pink noise, the acoustic power of the high frequencies decreases, thanks to which the high-frequency sounds are at a safe level for babies, and for an adult they are almost inaudible.
In white noise, the sound power at all frequencies remains unchanged (horizontal line in the diagram). In fact, this means that sounds with higher frequencies, at the same power level, are more audible than sounds with lower frequencies.


Each humming rabbit and humming MOONIE bear is also a bedside lamp that can shine in 7 different shades. Gentle light allows you to feed and change your baby without turning on the overhead light. When the baby starts crying, the lamp turns on with the noise, it illuminates and soothes the baby. The LED lamp does not heat up, it is completely safe. The lamp of MOONIE's humming friend is also great for older children, who often have night terrors and are afraid of the dark. You can then turn on the lamp itself without sound and leave it on for the whole night.



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