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Led Head Lamp Bookman Block Light Front Beige

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Led Head Lamp Bookman Block Light Front Beige Led Block Light Front Led Head Lamp Bookman Block Light Front Beige

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Block Light is a strong, compact rechargeable lamp.

Don't worry about driving after dark with your kids. Thanks to our model, they will be clearly visible even in fog or heavy rain. Up to 25 hours of runtime on a single charge, so you can plan really long routes.

With four different modes, they are perfect for commuters or dedicated to road cyclists looking for a slim light to illuminate their ride at dusk.

Lamps are charged via Micro USB. The rubberized body ensures waterproofness in the rain. A big advantage is the rubber mount to the steering wheel with a diameter of 22 mm to 42 mm. The lamps are equipped with the latest LEDs and lithium-ion batteries, making them super bright and long-lasting at the same time.

Super clear
- 50 lumens

Working time
- up to 25 hours
Charging time
- 2 hours. from a discharged battery

Set contains:
- 1 × Block Light Front
- 1 × Micro USB cable


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