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interactive sensory blocks

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interactive sensory blocks interactive sensory blocks

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Playing with blocks is one of the favorite activities of kids, who find it difficult to deny positive educational and developmental aspects. And when the multi-colored sensory blocks start to make sounds ... the joy is endless!

The rainbow set consists of 9 elements, of which: 3 blocks for distinguishing by touch, 3 - by eyesight and 3 elements for distinguishing by hearing. All elements are in a cotton bag. Interactive blocks from the Plan Toys® brand are made of rubber wood, which is a durable and safe material.

The pastel set includes 6 elements.

Sensory blocks support the child's development, and more precisely they affect: - identifying his sensory impressions - the sense of touch that allows him to understand what he sees - is an indispensable process in consolidating and remembering - the sense of hearing, which plays a fundamental role in the learning process and understanding.

The set of sensory blocks belongs to the PlanPreschool line, which places particular emphasis on combining fun with learning. Such carefully designed musical instruments, games, puzzles, blocks and manipulation toys ensure the comprehensive development of a child from an early age.

3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm - the size of the block


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