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Incense in a glass vial

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Discover the scent of relaxing herbs that cleanse the space and restore balance. Our Restoring Essence incense cleans, refreshes and restores harmony to your surroundings. This blend contains white sage, lavender and other aromatic herbs to create a fresh, earthy and slightly sweet fragrance, with spicy, herbal sage notes.

15 incense - smokeless - natural

The product is made by hand and the entire process takes place in Japan.


Hold the incense at a slight angle, then set it on fire. Wait for it to light up and blow out after a short while.
Let the incense smolder in a specially created burner, which allows you to conveniently and safely hang the incense.

• Do not leave lit incense unattended
• Do not use on exposed surfaces as incense can cause ash contamination
• Regularly clean the incense holders to prevent ash contamination
• Keep away from children
• Do not burn incense if you are pregnant or have difficulty breathing
• Make sure that the incense is completely extinguished before putting away the incense after use


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