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Elegantki, poisoners and other herbs

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A fantastically colorful and humorous cartoon encyclopedia of plants. In this green thicket, many will surprise you!

Elegant and stinky, tough guys and sunbathers, giants and real stars, fragrant and spiky, exotic and completely ordinary. In this fantastically colorful and humorous plant encyclopedia you can find over 700 known and lesser known plant species divided into different groups - sometimes fun and sometimes quite for real.

Which ones like water and which ones feel great in the desert?
Which ones do we eat for dinner and which are better to stay away from?
What do the ones from which chocolate, spices or various dyes are made look like?
And which witches made their suspicious brews?

Elegant, poisoners and other herbs are a stunning richness of colors, shapes and botanical curiosities - for small and large nature lovers.


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