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Ecological White washing liquid

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This high-performance white laundry detergent is specially formulated to keep your bright clothes white - without the use of bleach. It also specializes in removing all kinds of stains and creating a coating around the fibers to avoid soiling.

The secret to getting great results without bleach is the combination of enzymes that work on stains and dirt. The aim of this detergent is to keep the original nuances of fabrics as long as possible.

A clever feature of this modern detergent is that at 30 ° C it removes dirt, stains and bacteria, and dissolves and removes residues when rinsing with water from the washing machine. Washing at lower temperatures extends the life of your clothes and saves water and energy.

Suitable for all fabrics except wool and silk
Fragrant Vanilla and Jasmine
Effective from 30 ° C

750 ml
It does not contain dyes, zeolites or phosphates
Highly concentrated (12-19 washes)
Biodegradable (within hours)
Made in a climate neutral factory in Vadstena, Sweden

> 10% Aqua,> 10% Alcohol, C12-C14 Ethoxylated (> = 2.5 EO), 1-10%, Glycerin, 1- <10% Sodium Laureth Sulfate, 1- <10% Fatty Acids, C12-18 and C18 -UNSATD, 1- <10% Potassium Hydroxide, 1- <10% Parfum, 0.1- <1% Polyether / polyester copolymer, 0.1- <1% Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate, <0.1% Calcium Chloride, < 0.1% Propyl Glycol, <0.1% Benzisothiazolinone, <0.1% Dipropylene Glycol, <0.1% Alpha-amylase, <0.1% Cellulase, <0.1% Lipase.



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