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Cuddly Animal Small cuddly hot water bottle

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A beautiful and super soft cuddly toy - a hot water bottle by the German brand Senger Naturwelt.

A unique, hand-made ecological toy. It is a cuddly toy and a hot water bottle in one.

Ecological cotton makes it extremely soft and pleasant to the touch, and at the same time safe even from the first days of life. Inside there is a detachable bag filled with cherry pits. When heated, the plush toy turns into a hot water bottle. Cherry seeds are also perfect for cooling.

The hot water bottle is irreplaceable during colic, stomach ache, it will also be perfect for calming the baby down as a warm cuddly toy. After cooling, it will be perfect for bruises or during a fever.

The bag can be heated in the oven - detailed instructions can be found on the label.

The head and feet of the cuddly toys are stuffed with certified ecological wool.

Made in Germany


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