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illustrations: Piotr Socha

text preparation: Wojciech Grajkowski

Everything about bees in a large-format album.

Let yourself be invited to the magical kingdom of bees. Take a closer look at how they are built, take a look at their home, learn about their habits. Watch them dance and find out when and why they do it. Find out how they already lived in the time of the dinosaurs and why they were on Napoleon's coat. Work with a beekeeper, drive a truck carrying beehives to an almond orchard, taste different types of honey. Just be careful: don't get stung!

The book consists of over 30 large-format spreads, each of which is an intricately composed board. The colorful illustrations are full of details, and the short, accessible text not only explains what is on them, but also contains a lot of additional information and interesting facts.


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