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baby’s first spoon 4m+

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baby’s first spoon 4m+ baby’s first spoon 4m+ baby’s first spoon 4m+ baby’s first spoon 4m+

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SPUNI   is the first baby spoon, the patented shape of which encourages the baby to suck and swallow food. The innovative design facilitates feeding and minimizes soiling.

Choosing the right spoon is half the success of feeding while expanding your diet. Teaspoon   SPUNI   will speed up and facilitate learning to feed, and will also help to develop the correct feeding technique. The way food is served has a significant impact on the proper development of speech in a child.  

Most baby spoons are just miniature spoons for adults - they are too wide and too deep for a toddler. As a result, access to food from the back of the bucket is difficult. Careful observation of the habits and habits related to infant feeding helped to create a product with a unique geometry. Specially designed spoon shape   SPUNI   Its purpose is to make it easier for the child to collect food from it with his mouth. A simple and sufficiently long handle allows you to easily take the teaspoon back from the child's mouth without bending or lifting it up and easily removing food from the jars.  


Hypoallergenic product. Do not contain   BPA ,   BPS , phthalatene and silicone. Manufactured from medical thermoplastic Elastomer ( TPE ) and food grade Polypropylene (PP).


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