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Agresja - Nowe taboo? Jasper Juul

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Almost everyone unanimously condemns aggression and tries to eliminate it from kindergartens and schools. Is it right? The book advises on how to deal with aggressive children.

Author : Jesper Juul

Binding: Paperback

Number of pages: 140

How best to deal with manifestations of aggression in children, how to unload children's frustration together and turn it into positive energy

"Aggressive children deserve understanding, not condemnation ," writes Jesper Juul, " because they only imitate aggressive adults."

Aggression in children is not a sign of bad character, but an important signal for parents and teachers. It is their responsibility to understand this message and teach children to deal with emotions in a constructive way. Instead of condemning aggression, says Jesper Juul, it must be transformed into positive action . Suppression and condemnation can only lead to negative consequences in adulthood: ranging from the inability to cope with the competitive environment of the modern world to outbreaks of uncontrolled and brutal violence.

The Danish educator draws attention to two types of violence in children: violence directed outwards towards other people and violence directed towards oneself, i.e. the so-called self-destructive behavior. The latter is often disregarded by adults because it is not very troublesome for the environment. Children who suppress aggression, deepening their frustration, are even praised for their calmness and obedience. Meanwhile, self-destructive violence deserves special attention because it goes hand in hand with very low self-esteem in children and poses a serious threat to their spiritual health.



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