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Adaptation action. How to help a child and make friends with kindergarten?

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When a child enters kindergarten, a new stage opens up for him and his parents. Although it seems obvious to some parents, it is often accompanied by many dilemmas.

  • Is my baby ready?
  • What if the parent is in doubt?
  • How to choose a kindergarten and what if we have no choice?
  • How to prepare your child (and yourself) for kindergarten?
  • What to do to make it easier for him to adapt?
  • What about difficulties if they arise?

Action adaptation will answer these and many other questions. Agnieszka Stein writes in it not only about kindergarten, but also about what is happening in the family of a preschool debutant. The main theme of the book turns out to be balance. Between visions and desires and reality. And between the different needs of different family members.


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