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A small atlas of animals by Ewa and Paweł Pawlak

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In this unusual animal diary, a couple of outstanding illustrators again tell about the inhabitants of their garden and its surroundings. This time we meet a hedgehog, a fox, a squirrel, a weasel, a hare, a wild boar, a bat, a mouse, a frog, a snail, a badger, a roe deer, a marten, a shrew ... No, these are still not all the heroes of this delightful book! Through pictures of colorful cloths, watercolors, photos, children's drawings (borrowed from Hania's neighbor), and even three-dimensional models, the authors conjure up a world full of poetry, humor and tenderness towards other creatures. In this way, they encourage the little reader to write, photograph, cut, draw and, above all, look at him to become a true animal expert!


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