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Your knowledgeable family

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Our children do not need any parenting methods, but genuine parents who clearly communicate their values.

It is they who are responsible for building the right relationships and acting as a wise leader. Everything starts with skillful expression of feelings, empathetic dialogue and the art of setting boundaries. The book "Your Competent Family" is a family guide that will show you that living together is not about raising children or fighting for power. It is constantly looking for your own way and being ready to develop.

Thanks to the book you will learn:

  • deal with conflicts that are a natural part of everyday life,
  • recognize your own limits and express yourself in a more personal way
  • be an empathetic leader
  • build equal relations,
  • take care of a good atmosphere during meals.
  • This book will make you aware of the needs behind your children's aggressive behavior, their innate willingness to cooperate, and how to benefit from it. You will also learn when you can involve your child in household chores, how to share responsibility and care for your relationship with your partner.
    Jesper Juul proves that in order to create a happy family, we do not have to be unanimous or go to the extremes of the traditional or democratic model - it is enough to be together and open to other people.
    Who is Jesper Juul? Jesper Juul is an educator, creator of a humanistic approach to education. For many years, she has been helping parents all over the world who want to build safe relationships with their children.
    His theory is based on four basic pillars:
    • equality of all family members
    • parental authority built on authenticity (not violence)
    • responsibility
    • protection of personal integrity.


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