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Wooden lacing board

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The wooden interlacing from the Essentiel series by the French brand JANOD develops many key skills in a child, including hand-eye coordination and distinguishing shapes and colors, it also teaches concentration, perceptiveness and patience. The set includes a stand on legs, into which transparent boards with various graphics are inserted (there are 10 boards to choose from). Both in the boards and on the base, there are holes through which the colorful strings (4) attached to the set should be intertwined or plastic buttons (70) in intense colors (yellow, blue, red and green) corresponding to the graphics should be placed in them.  
A toy designed in France. Perfect for a gift.

The Essentiel collection is a series of unusual educational toys for children over 1 year old, maintained in intense colors, based on simple geometric shapes and handwritten letters (for older children). In a natural way for children, through play, it brings math issues (counting, fractions, cause and effect relationships), stimulates the senses and curiosity from an early age. Each toy has a unique, aesthetic design and supports the cognitive needs of children at the next stages of development. Wooden elements of toys from this collection are painted with water paints.

Janod educational toys are distinguished by original solutions, high quality materials and precise workmanship. During carefree play, they develop the child's senses and support its development thanks to the multitude of functions. By assigning them to the appropriate age category, they are used to practice skills adequate at a given stage, such as hand motility or associating shapes and colors.

The toy develops:
• fine motor skills
• discovery and experimentation
• the ability to observe

age: 3-6 years
number of elements: 85
material: wood, plastic
design: France
product dimensions: 22.5 x 22.5 x 10 cm


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