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wooden board game Chinese NEO

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The Chinese game, already known to everyone, in an exclusive wooden version. The amazing board game will take kids to the Stone Age world by navigating wooden pawns in the shape of Mammoth Neo, Leo, and other Lisa and Nora animals. The board folds in half and creates a great hiding place for all the pieces, so that the child does not lose the elements. Beautifully made, it will serve you from generation to generation. The game includes a Polish manual, and a bag for pawns and dice. Pawns in the form of favorite animals.

Set contains:
- the board
- two cubes
- 16 pawns
- length 26 cm
- width 26 cm
- height 2 cm
- height 3.5 cm
- width 3.5 cm
Dimensions closed:
- height 4 cm
- width 26 cm
- length 13 cm


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