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Velcro weights Bala Bangles

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Velcro weights Bala Bangles Velcro weights Bala Bangles Velcro weights Bala Bangles Bala Bangles velcro weights Bala bangles Velcro weights Bala Bangles

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Bala Bangles weights provide consistent yet comfortable resistance during training. They are very versatile, they can be worn on the wrists or ankles during strength training, yoga, Pilates, jogging and also during everyday activities. Thanks to them, folding the laundry, walking or playing with the child will also become a great training.


Bala Bangles are made of the highest quality fitness materials - recycled stainless steel, wrapped in soft silicone. An athletic elastic band and a very strong Velcro allow for individual adjustment to each figure.

Each set contains 2 velcro weights weighing 1 lbs (about 0.45 kg) + case


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