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Tripp Trapp chair tray

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Tripp Trapp chair tray Tripp Trapp chair tray Tripp Trapp chair tray

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The Tripp Trapp® chair has been designed to fit your table while allowing you to bring your baby to your family's heart. However, on some occasions, a tray that fits over the chair and attaches to the chair along with the baby set can be a valuable accessory.

Turn your Tripp Trapp chair into a free-standing chair with a Stokke tray. The tray is perfect for consuming food quickly or instead of sitting at crowded tables. The tray designed by Scandinavian designers complements the Tripp Trapp chair and together with it creates a unique and exceptional place to sit.

  • Provides extra versatility to your Tripp Trapp chair and home.
  • BPA-free plastic is easy to clean with any drips and spills.
  • Designed for use with the second version (V2) of the baby set.


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