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Surf Shacks Vol. 2 takes you to eclectic surf houses around the world.

Surfing is a way of life. A life dominated by waves and high tide with a cozy place for a break. The second chapter in the Surf Shacks series by Matt Titone illustrates the life of surfers both on land and at sea.
Many places of residence can be called surfing homes: city apartments, cottages located next to national parks or tiny Hawaiian huts. Surfing communities are brimming with creativity, innovation and rich personalities. Surf Shacks takes a closer look at surfers' homes and their artistic habits. Glimpses of the record collection, walks in home gardens or a peek into a paint studio provide an insight into the lives of surfers.

From a remote Hawaiian treehouse and a converted Goodwin family bus to the Japanese mountain hut that Gentemstick founder Taro Tamai calls home, each space has its own unique history. Jamie Smallwood, a sustainable architect, has built an off-the-grid shipping container complex in Byron Bay as a new home. The moments these vivid personalities spend away from the waves and foam are both captivating and nuanced.

With anecdotes and photos, illustrations and conversations, Surf Shacks reveals a more personal surfing side and an eclectic cast of characters.


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