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Smelli gelli bath baff

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A completely unique, fun bath product that instantly turns your bath water into a substance resembling pieces of crushed ice, and smells great too. By adding Gelli Baff Smelli powder to water, you create a thick substance with an eye-catching color, an alluring texture and an enticing scent. It is a truly magical product, simply created to stimulate all the child's senses. But the sensory adventure doesn't stop there. Another highlight is the addition of a second, dissolving powder. This one will also turn "ice" into colored water in a fascinating way, ready to be drained.

Benefits of Gelli Baff Smelli Magic Bath Powder:

Dermatologically tested and safe for children's skin - accredited by the British Skin Foundation (BSF), the UK's leading skin disease research organization. After thorough analysis, BSF found Gelli to be completely safe for the skin; dermatological company Dermatest regularly conducts skin patch tests on all Zimpli Kids products.

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable - certified according to the OECD301B standard by Intertek, the world's largest provider of comprehensive quality assurance services.

Easy to clean, does not leave stains on the bathtub and does not clog its drain.

Perfect for sensory play for children - interesting, variable consistency, texture, color that stimulate all the senses.

Tested and certified - has undergone a series of toy safety tests and compliance with legal and toxicological regulations.

Vegan friendly and free from animal testing.

Awarded many times over the years - it has gained the approval of parents around the world.

Technical parameters:

Disposable product

Weight: 300g

Contents of the kit: one powder to form lumps (150 g) and one dissolving powder to turn lumps back into water (150 g)

Composition: sodium polyacrylate, dyes, bubble gum flavor (bath powder) and sodium chloride and dyes (dissolving powder)

Age: 3+

Warning (!)

The product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Due to the presence of small parts, there is a choking hazard. Adult supervision required. Be careful when getting in and out of the tub. Don't get up until all Gelli residues have been rinsed off the tub and body. If the product gets into the eyes, flush with water for 10 minutes. Seek medical advice if symptoms persist. Non-irritating formula. For sensitive skin, test a small amount on your skin first. Inedible product, do not eat it. If the product is swallowed, drink plenty of fresh water. The product is non-toxic. Do not pour the powder into the bathtub without water. To avoid possible staining, do not allow skin to come into contact with the powder before adding water. Do not pour on the grass. Keep the packaging for future use.

Attention (!)

Use the right proportions: add 25 g of powder to 5 l of water. The content of the package is recommended for 1 bath or 6 smaller games in a bowl with the powder.

User manual:

Pour the powder into the water (e.g. in a bathtub or bowl). After a while, the water will turn into a substance resembling pieces of crushed ice. Enjoy the fun. After playing, use a dissolving powder that will restore the water to its original liquid consistency. Then pour it down the drain. When you're done, use a dissolving powder that will restore the water to its original liquid consistency and change its color. Then pour it down the drain.



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