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Rozwój seksualny dzieci poradnik

Wydawnictwo Natuli

Rozwój seksualny dzieci poradnik

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"Child Sexual Development"

The first comprehensive guide to sexual development in children aged 0-18.

"Child Sexual Development" is a book that will help you consciously support the emerging sexuality of a child.


We cannot talk about sexuality with our child. Nobody taught us this, nobody gave us a positive model of sexuality. Sexuality has always been a taboo subject.


However, it is our parents who are responsible for shaping our child's sexuality. Let's not leave it to institutions, the Internet, friends or the children themselves.

Two evenings are enough to read this book - and you will have capital for many years.

Thanks to it, you will receive practical, everyday communication and support tools, you will learn:

what is sexuality and how does it develop from birth to full maturity,

how to talk to a child and consciously support them in the process of developing sexuality,

how not to make mistakes that limit this development,

how to protect a child from the risks related to sexuality,

how to raise a sexually assertive man, able to express his needs.

What exactly is in the book? See the table of contents below ...

1. Sexuality and sexual development
What is sexuality?
What is sexual development?
Parent and child's sexual development
What is positive sexuality and positive sexual education?
Sexual development in the context of the culture, beliefs and beliefs of parents

2. Sexual development in the first 24 months of a child's life
How does the bond with a parent affect a child's sexual development?
Breastfeeding and the sexual development of a child
Parent's touch and child's sexual development
Communication as an expression of acceptance
How to take care of a child's intimate hygiene?
- Intimate hygiene of girls
- Boys' intimate hygiene
a. Erections in a little boy
b. Ailments related to testicles
c. Phimosis (physiological and acquired)
Genital names
Nudity and curiosity of the body
Questions parents ask at this stage of their child's development

3. Child's sexual development between 24 and 48 months of age
Learning to use the toilet - emptying
Discovering the body
Questions that children ask at this stage of development
Understanding sexuality
Child masturbation
Child and parent sex
The problem of pedophilia

4. Sexual development in the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of a child's life
How to talk to your child about sexuality?
Questions that children ask at this stage of development
Fun related to sexuality
Children's exhibitionism
Childhood autonomy
Adoption of social norms and disappointment

5. Sexual development in the early school period (6-9 years old)
Building gender identity and the example of parents
Assimilation with a parent of the same sex
Questions that children ask at this stage of development
Talking about sexuality with peers vs avoiding sexual issues
Building interpersonal relationships

6. Sexual development in children between 10 and 12 years of age
Changes in the child's brain
Talks about puberty
Puberty in girls
- Personal boundaries
- First menstruation
- Menstrual cycle
- A welcoming ritual among women
- The first visit to the gynecological office
Puberty in boys
- Mutation
- Polucies
Puberty as one of the stages of life
Sexual reactions
Respect for borders
Pornography as a source of children's knowledge about sex
What a 10-12 year old child needs to know about sex and sexuality
Sexual offenses

7. Puberty and sexual maturity (12 / 13–18 years of age)
Period of autonomy and definition of boundaries
A teenager's brain
Peer group
First relationships and partings
Sexual orientation
First sex
Sexually transmitted diseases - venereal diseases
Sexual maturity and emotional maturity
Parent's influence on the child's sexual life

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Rozwój seksualny dzieci poradnik
Wydawnictwo Natuli

Rozwój seksualny dzieci poradnik

Regular price €13,00 EUR Sale price €13,00 EUR
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