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Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1 steel
Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1 steel
Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1 steel

Scoot and Ride

Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1

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Highwaykick 1 is an innovative scooter with a seat from the Austrian brand SCOOT&RIDE. It is an ideal solution for active children, which also "grows" with them.

The height of the seat can be adjusted, and its lowest position is adapted to the height of babies taking their first steps and is at a height of 22.5 cm.

Without using tools, you can turn the vehicle into a 3-wheel scooter in a few seconds with a single button - the rotated seat becomes its front frame. All you have to do is move the steering wheel (mounted with a click) and it's ready! Now the older one can also start his adventure.

The scooter is perfectly balanced and stable, comfortable and, in addition, extremely safe. It is equipped with a patented, revolutionary safety-pad system - i.e. a special wide pad, placed at the bottom of the front part, which prevents, among others, overturning on uneven ground or stuck wheels. Its position can also be adjusted if necessary. Scoot & Ride Highwaykick will become your child's playmate for many years.

Key features of Scoot & Ride Highwaykick 1:

  • quick function change mechanism without tools
  • two front wheels made of a very durable, shock-absorbing material, ensuring stability and driving comfort
  • rear wheel with mudguard and easy-to-operate brake
  • comfortable, soft, profiled seat
  • non-slip platform
  • convenient handlebar mounting
  • steel handlebar frame and comfortable grips that prevent the handles from slipping
  • solid construction
  • heavy-duty, durable polypropylene frame
  • safety pad system
  • no sharp, dangerous for children edges and corners

Scoot & Ride Highwaykick 1 Specs:

  • suggested age of the child: 1 - 5 years
  • suggested height of the child: 82 - 118 cm
  • maximum load: 20 kg on the seat and 50 kg with the tread
  • product weight: 2.8 kg
  • handlebar height adjustment: 57 - 64 cm
  • seat height adjustment: 22.5 - 29 cm
  • material: aluminum and plastic

Scoot & Ride Highwaykick 1 was created in accordance with stringent international safety and quality standards.

The ride-on is packed in a cardboard box, making it ideal as a gift.

Shipping time 2-5 working days. You can read more about returns and complaints here.


Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1
Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1
Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1
Scoot and Ride

Rider / scooter 2in1 Highwaykick 1

Regular price €119,00 EUR Sale price €119,00 EUR
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