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Pucio umie opowiadać

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Meet Pucio and his loved ones! This lovable toddler is the favorite companion of children in their first steps in learning to speak.

The fifth part of Pucia's adventures is an opportunity for children who can already speak to practice their storytelling skills. This is encouraged by the adventures of a new family member. Under each large illustration, there are additional pictures that encourage people to describe the experiences of the characters in their own words, as well as questions that encourage a parent to talk about a topic of particular interest to each child: their own birth. The story requires, inter alia, understand cause-effect relationships and time relationships. We can help the children by asking questions like: "What happened in the beginning?", "What did Pucio do next?", "Why?" and using the phrases: "first", "later", "at the end". Above all, let your kids be independent in telling stories, asking questions and explaining situations encountered in the book.

form of publication: paper book
cover: hard cover
illustrator: Joanna Kłos
year of publication: 2020
number of pages: 40
format: 205 x 250 mm
Age range: 0-6


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