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natural stick deodorant

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natural stick deodorant natural stick deodorant natural stick deodorant natural stick deodorant natural stick deodorant natural stick deodorant natural stick deodorant

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Corpus is a completely natural, vegan deodorant with an unusual fragrance and uncompromising action. The long-lasting formula contains natural enzymes and plant extracts responsible for the highest quality of the product. Made without synthetic fragrances.

Every aspect of production - from formula to packaging - comes from the USA and is done using renewable hydro and solar energy, with maximum respect for the environment.

The Corpus brand was created for people who do not want to sacrifice quality for the sake of naturalness.

Why choose a natural deodorant?

Some popular deodorants contain ingredients that are clinically proven carcinogens, neurotoxins, and reproductive toxins that build up in the body and accumulate over time, known as bioaccumulation.
Recent studies show that when we put something on our skin, it can get into our bloodstream without metabolizing it. There is no doubt that our body is an open and connected system, which means that our lifestyle and the products we use have a greater impact on our health and well-being than we previously imagined.


Well. Green - bergamot, pink lemon, orange blossom, cardamom

Neroli - neroli, orange blossom, bergamot, amber seeds

Third Rose - violet, rose, Italian mandarin, cedar root.

California - sea salt, white musk, jasmine, bergamot.

Santalum - Sandalwood, Sandalwood Root, Texas Cedar, Amber

Cedar Flora - cedar, white musk, jasmine, guaiac wood.

The Botanist - petitgrain, vetiver root, geranium leaf, citrus peel


75 g - deodorant is very efficient. one stick will last for many weeks.

INCI: * Propylene glycol (BIOBASED), water (water), * sodium stearate, ** alcohol decantate, * glycerin, * Saccharomyces fermentation filtrate, diatomaceous earth, ** perfume (natural fragrance), silica, * polyglyceryl laurate / succinate- 4, * Propamediol, * caprylic / caprylic glycoside, * citric acid, * glyceryl caprylate, ** phenethyl alcohol, * polyglyceryl-5 oleate, * sodium chloride, * sodium cocoylglutamate, * sorbitan oleate and crospolymer decylglucoside, * tapioca starch, * tapioca starch, * tapioca starch, * tapioca starch, * tapioca starch, * coumarin, * limonene, * linalool.

* Plant-based ** Organic (grain alcohol derived from cane sugar) ** Natural fragrances are essential oils and isolates, not the result of synthetic chemistry.


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