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Merino Bibi blanket

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Merino Bibi blanket Merino Bibi blanket Merino Bibi blanket Merino Bibi blanket Merino Blanket Bibi Merino Bibi blanket

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Hvid Bibi blanket

A beautiful blanket made of delicate and soft merino wool, with a unique weave. It will be perfect all year round, thanks to the thermo-regulating properties of merino wool.

Indispensable in every layette. Perfect for newborns from the first day of life. Antiallergic, breathable, natural.

Size: 70x95 cm

Handcrafted in Belgium


100% extra fine Italian Merino Wool

Washing instructions:

There is no need to wash merino wool frequently. This fiber is self-cleaning. It is ideal to just ventilate outside.

It does not require washing before use.

If necessary, wash very gently by hand with lukewarm water at a temperature of max 30 °. Do not soak the fabric.

Use a wool detergent for washing. We recommend Steamery Delicate fluid. To refresh the look of clothes made of wool, it is best to \u0026amp;quot;shave\u0026amp;quot; them with a dedicated fabric shaver .

Machine wash only on the special 20 ° wool program, at low speed, at your own risk, as we cannot guarantee individual program settings in washing machines.

Merino is non-itchy and antibacterial, making it perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin.


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