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Magic Sparkle metallic glitter gel pencils

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It's hard not to be delighted with these gel crayons. They have beautiful, intense colors, glide smoothly on the page and offer more creative possibilities than classic pencils. You can see them on a black and white background. What's more, when the applied colors are spread with a brush with a little water, they will give a watercolor effect. So one set of crayons can be used in several ways. It is a practical and economical solution that will be appreciated by both children and adults. Perfect for rainy days and winter evenings.

Gel pencils, Magic Sparkle :

  • 12 gel crayons;
  • 12 shiny colors;
  • one set of crayons several possibilities of use;
  • they draw on black and white paper;
  • you can use a brush with water for a watercolor effect;
  • the shape provides a comfortable grip;
  • plastic case facilitates storage and transport;
  • age: 3+.


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