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Green Garden planting kit

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GREEN GARDEN Set for planting plants. A real set of a little gardener to play with, so that children can plant their own plants and help adults with planting and care work. The set includes a large basket for garden accessories, flower pots, a shovel for digging the soil, a rake, a watering can for watering newly planted plants and plant sticks to help you remember what was planted where. The GREEN GARDEN set has great play value as it can be used for growing plants, as a nursery or as a play set. The kit includes a sheet with labels on which the child can draw or write.   

You can complete several sets of this series that support outdoor fun, learning and discovering. Combine a planting kit with a plant kit or a mini greenhouse to grow more vegetables.   

Number of items in the set: 10

Dimensions: 22.5 x 19 x 17.5 cm

Age group: 2+

With GREEN GARDEN, various skills are developed, including motor coordination and dexterity of the fingers:   "Green fingers, green mind, green garden"
GREEN GARDEN has the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and meets the most stringent EU toy requirements.


- Made in Denmark
- Does not contain harmful substances
- Dishwasher safe
- Nordic Swan labeling - good for your health and the environment


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