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First baby shoes Bloom

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First baby shoes Bloom First baby shoes Bloom First baby shoes Bloom

Bisgaard baby shoes

Size (EU) 18 19 20 21 22  23 24
Insole length (cm) 11,4 12 12,7 13,4 14 15,3 16

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Soft, first shoes with a T-strap. They are made of natural and airy leather that allows the feet to breathe. Flexible and non-slip rubber outsole provides good grip. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro fasteners, the "bloom" is an easy-to-wear shoe even for the youngest children.

The shoes are very easy to put on even on a chubby baby foot with a high instep. Bloom shoes are perfect as first shoes for babies taking their first steps. They provide good support, gently stiffen the heel, are extremely soft and have a flexible sole, have wide toes and do not pinch the toes.

They will work great as slippers in the nursery, at home or during outings. They will also be suitable during the first independent walks, but the sole is not thick enough to run in the field.

- Natural and breathable leather

- Soft and comfortable fit

- Non-slip natural rubber outsole

- Free from harmful chemicals

Recommended height allowance: 1 cm

Find the right size

1) Place your foot on a sheet of paper against the wall.

Put your heel against the wall.

2) Mark on the tip of the toe (both feet as one foot may be longer than the other)

3) Measure the distance on paper.

Use this measurement and add the recommended height allowance (1-1.5 cm) to your measurement, then find the right size.


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