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Female Christ candle

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Miami Blue scented candle

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A blend of the best vegetable waxes with a traditional recipe from 1961. Handmade in Italy. The candle will burn for approximately 48 hours.

In 1969, a naked woman with a cross appeared on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The performance was called "Female Christ". The scent notes of this candle include patchouli, rhubarb and cashmere wood.
"The fragrance of Female Christ ensures that the memory of the artistic performance carried out on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1969 will last forever."

The iconic cosmetics brand 19-69 was founded by the Swedish artist and product designer Johan Bergelin, currently stationed in New York. The name 19-69 stands for freedom, tolerance and counterculture. The inspiration covers various iconic moments of the counterculture throughout history. Art, music and different cultures have also left their mark on products in terms of content, names and packaging. The different colors symbolize the rainbow, which in 1969 was a symbol of peace and freedom.


TOP NOTES: Eucalyptus; Patchouli; Pimento

MID NOTES: Rhubarb; Wintergreen; Red Thyme; Geranium

BASE NOTES: Vanilla; Amber; Benzoin; Cinnamon Bark; Cashmere Wood

200 g


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