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Feluś and Gucio get to know the professions

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Like every preschooler, Feluś is very curious about the world. He is fascinated by people with various professions and eagerly imitates them while playing with friends. Sometimes he is a cook, sometimes he is a discoverer of dinosaur bones, and sometimes he builds amazing buildings with blocks ... But he always looks after his cat! Feluś has many passions and tries his hand at various fields to discover what he really likes to do. Teddy Bear, Feluś's companion, also learns about professions - he wants to be a hairdresser or a driver. Or maybe a veterinarian or an actor ...? All professions are fun!

Reading together will encourage young readers to discover their strengths, to ask questions about the professions of people from the closest environment, and to talk about persistence and using their strengths.


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