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Fab Fountain Pen

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The Ooly Fab Fountain pen has a modern design and a classic, smooth and thin nib. Colorful frames with plugs, which you can change from pen to pen and create energetic color compositions, hide cartridges with black ink. Writing with these pens is a real pleasure thanks to the soft coating. This set is perfect for learning to write, school and work. You can use them to write down memories, poems, notes and a shopping list.

Ooly Fountain Pens, Fab Fountain Pen:

  • 4 pens for cartridges;
  • black ink in cartridges;
  • multi-colored frames;
  • caps can be changed by changing color combinations;
  • thin and smooth writing nib;
  • compatible with colored Ooly Splendid cartridges;
  • age: 6+


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