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ecological disposable diapers

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Super absorbent, biodegradable and hypoallergenic diapers available in 3 sizes. The skin of a child can breathe freely in them and is not in contact with harmful chemicals. The production process does not use chlorine, bleach, phthalates, latex, artificial fragrances and the most popular allergens added to popular "disposables". Repeatedly awarded for high quality and beautiful appearance.

Kit & Kin biodegradable diapers of the highest quality have obtained a positive opinion of dermatologists, paediatricians and midwives. To create their absorbent layer, much less chemicals were used than are used in the production of popular diapers from leading brands. This is what distinguishes Kit & Kin diapers on the market. They are the best choice when considering disposable diapers. The baby's delicate, sensitive, allergic and problematic skin can finally "breathe". A natural choice for eczema, psoriasis, AD, diaper rash, rashes and allergic reactions.

Kit & Kin also protects the environment. Conventional nappies are the third largest group of waste in landfills, even though only 5% of the population use them! This is shocking data, as in the UK alone, 8 million diapers are used a day… It will take over 500 years for them to biodegrade. Almost every component of Kit & Kin's diaper - including its packaging - will biodegrade in 3 to 6 years. Isn't it true that this is a much better result? :-)

12-hour leak protection - the super-absorbent diaper core and extremely absorbent outer layers keep the diaper and baby's skin dry. The diaper does not leak until 12 hours. Fewer changes mean a happy baby and happy parents!


There is a patented technological channel in the core (inside) of the diaper, which evenly distributes the liquid over the diaper, making it immediately absorbed. This means that the diaper is not heavy and does not hang from its base. Simply optimal comfort for the little ones.


Outer layer: plant materials (vegetable starch) from sustainable cultivation and a waterproof layer of polyethylene (polyethylene).

Inner layer: PLA (polylactic acid), a polymer belonging to the group of aliphatic polyesters. It is fully biodegradable. It is obtained from renewable natural resources such as corn meal.

Absorbent core: unbleached plant pulp (cellulose) from forests managed according to the FSC principles (thanks to this, the wood we use comes from an ecologically and sustainably managed forest).

Frills protection: polypropylene (polypropylene), an organic chemical compound, oxy-biodegradable.

Flexible clasp: polyurethane, oxy-biodegradable material.

Outer packaging: GMO-free, oxy-biodegradable.

Kit \u0026amp;amp; Kin diapers are manufactured using the same technological process as traditional diapers. The difference is that they have replaced plastics with durable natural materials that are friendly to the child\u0026amp;#39;s skin. The use of Kit and Kin diapers helps to protect the future resources of our world.



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