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Basia. Wielka księga słów

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Basia uses many words. The meaning of some of them is known only to her and her family, but apart from that, these are well-known words, such as "scrambled eggs", "Christmas tree" or "TV set". But these words do not always mean the same to Basia as they do to you. Besides, most of them can mean something completely different to everyone. Because, for example, for Basia a friend is someone completely different than for her dad or mum. However, for Janek, "mum is mum" and for Basia, mum is very cuddly to cuddle. Nice mess! "Basia. The Great Book of Words ”is a unique publishing offer for all Basia's fans. Thanks to this book, children will be able to learn the meaning of words, learn how to interpret them, and understand that a word does not always mean the same to everyone.

Beautifully published, richly illustrated Basia. The Great Book of Words "will provide a lot of impressions for small and large lovers of the Basia world. The big book is bursting at the seams with words that carry so many meanings, often different for many people. - If I tell Basia: When you clean up, we'll do something nice, I mean reading, and Basia - eating jelly beans. Sometimes we understand the same word a bit differently. - says Tośka, Basia's mother. - A word is something we say or write. For example, when I say: I want jelly beans! Mum knows what I want, although there are no jelly beans there. I like words like jelly beans. You cannot eat them, but as I say jelly beans, it makes me happier right away. - accompanies Basia. Books from the Basia series have been published since 2008.



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