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Basia. Wielka księga o uczuciach

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How does Lula feel before performing on stage? What feelings does little Franek evoke in adults? When is Basia the happiest? What is Grandma Krystyna worried about? Basia's family and friends invite you on a journey through a whole range of feelings and emotions!

" Basia. The Big Book of Feelings is an extraordinary book about feelings intended for preschoolers and first-grade primary school students. Full of humor and charm, stories from the life of Basia, beloved by children, will make it difficult to break away from reading, and at the same time, young readers will learn how to recognize and name feelings, what they tell us and how to deal with them.

Basia is always happy on a sweet day. As she says: Sometimes there is so much feeling that it spills out, screaming, laughing, stomping or crying . Lula feels nervous before performing on stage. Little Franek evokes tenderness in all adults. Grandma Krystyna is worried about Grandpa Henryk. And Misiek Zdzisiek is very curious about how to open a jar of honey and according to him: All feelings are important. Those bubbling like soup, those jumping like a kangaroo and those flat like a pancake. He has feelings. They just are. Sometimes it's hard to name what you feel. You can then try to draw it.
In the book " Basia. "The Big Book about Feelings " - children will find: ● wonderful stories by Zofia Stanecka about nice Basia and her loved ones; ● a well-known and liked heroine who is easy to identify with; ● brilliant humor and language that is understandable to children; ● unique illustrations by Marianna Oklejak; ● useful explanations from Zdziśka the bear, thanks to which the youngest will learn how to name feelings, how to show and express them, as well as how to deal with them in various situations.



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