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Basia. Bajki na dobranoc

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This time the favorite of all preschoolers invites you to " Bedtime Stories ". Discover fairy tales perfect for reading together before bed. The stories about Basia and her adventures will move you, make you laugh, and lull you to sleep. Each text is short enough to be perfect for evening reading.

In the book you will find, among others: fairy tales: • About a magical pillow • About an invisible dog • About a star cow • About the Land of Jelly Beans • About a girl who turned into a bear • About a talking tree and an owl living in it And a dozen or so other beautiful bass stories. Colorful dreams!

" Basia. "Bedtime Stories " is a collection of 24 fairy tales. Some of them are completely new texts, the rest were published periodically in the parenting magazine "Mamo, to ja". This book is another invitation for the youngest to the bass world. A place full of positive emotions and emotions.


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