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Outside. A guide for nature explorers

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A guide for nature explorers

text: Maria Ana Peixe Dias , Inês Teixeira do Rosário

illustrations: Bernardo P. Carvalho

What is flying, buzzing and growing around us? Let's go check it out! A beautifully illustrated guide for young explorers and nature observers.
Nature is right next to us. It is enough to get out of the house and look around a bit. Clouds are floating in the sky, something rustles in the bushes, birds fly overhead, the seasons change. And countless questions pop up in your head.

What smells in the garden? What is the name of the worm that lives in the puddle? Whose sounds are heard at night? What are these marks on the path? Where does the wind come from?

"Outside" will help you solve these puzzles - and learn about the great world of nature, full of surprises, that awaits you outside. You will find here a lot of information about animals, plants, stones, clouds and planets, as well as ideas for independent experiments, observations and expeditions. Because every day is a great opportunity to discover and research something, and have fun at the same time.

The book has won numerous awards, including the prestigious BolognaRagazzi Award 2015.


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