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Little Greats, Astrid Lindgren

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Astrid had such a wonderful childhood that she did not want to grow up. She lived with her parents on an old farm, carelessly played with her siblings in the midst of nature, loved reading books and inventing stories. At the age of thirteen, she wrote her first story for the newspaper, and a few years later she found a job and became a mother. She loved crazy games with children and telling them stories. One of them was a novel she wrote about Pippi Longstocking, who broke the rules of the adult world. The book won the hearts of readers around the world, and Astrid became a popular and award-winning writer. An inspiring story of the most famous author of children's literature, a rebel with unbridled imagination, who is an example of how to live in harmony with yourself and remain a child.

Little BIGS - the best-selling series recognized by critics and adored by readers all over the world! A gallery of inspiring characters and hundreds of books, books and games sold in millions of copies - now in Polish! Learn about the amazing stories of outstanding people - from painters, musicians, designers to scientists, politicians, athletes and explorers! They all went down in the history of the world, and each of them was once a child who had dreams.

A unique series that will inspire children of all ages - from young to early school. Unusual stories written in an accessible language will allow the child to identify with great figures and draw patterns from them, such as passion, persistence and courage in pursuing goals, necessary to achieve fulfillment and life success in the future! There is a biography at the end of each book along with dates, facts, curiosities and authentic photos of the story's protagonist providing a valuable educational component.

Simple, engaging message, beautiful colorful graphics and large font make the Mali WIELCY series ideal reading both for reading together with a child and for learning to read independently. Hard and sewn binding ensure excellent durability. Let's create a new generation of great people who will change the world: NOW LITTLE - COMING SO GREAT!


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