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Candy Van's little car

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The wooden toy car is an iconic element of the American style of the 1960s.
Candylab creates wonderful wooden cars and accessories, inspired by the charming American modernist climate of the 1960s. Elegant, very durable and simple, wooden toys are the opposite of today's plastic toys that are harmful to children and the environment.
The Candylab team, made up of real artists, produces beech wood toys exclusively from sustainably managed North American forests. The path of the harvested wood can be traced back to their workshop.
The product complies with the current EU safety standards.
Safety tested in accordance with American CPSIA as well as European, Australian and New Zealand regulations. Assembled and sewn by hand in Montgomery, Pennsylvania.

Product dimensions:
- width 4 cm
- height 6.6 cm
- length 8.4 cm


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