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Basia and mom at work

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Why does my mother need a laptop and all these books? If he spends all day in front of the computer, does it mean he no longer loves his children? And who is a "chauvinist"? Basia will find the answers to all these questions in the book "Basia and Mom at Work". Children often react with sadness or anger to changes in household schedules. The book will help preschoolers come to terms with the situation when their mother, who has so far devoted all her time to them, also wants to do something else. Basia is a girl with whom children can easily identify - inventive, sometimes unruly, like every child.

The author Zofia Stanecka sympathetically describes the adventures of the girl's entire family, in which everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time it is impossible not to like them. The book is decorated with original illustrations by Marianna Oklejak .

Basia's adventures are described in nice, lively language that children can easily understand. The series is intended for children aged 3-7. The younger ones will be delighted with the colorful pictures and will learn many interesting things, while the older ones will be able to practice reading on their own.


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