Tripp Trapp: an iconic high chair that grows with your child!

Concern for the proper psychophysical development of the child, spends sleep with the eyelids of every parent. To provide your toddler with support in this process, it is necessary to know how to form healthy habits from the beginning of his life.

The iconic Tripp Trapp chair, designed in 1972, is not only a piece of furniture helpful when expanding your diet. It is above all one of the few layette essentials that accompanies a child from birth to adulthood, and at the same time is characterized by a timeless, award-winning design! In addition, for almost 50 years, thousands of parents around the world have been emphasizing that they would not exchange the Tripp Trapp chair for anything else and it is one of the best investments.

When and why is it worth getting your toddler used to sitting at a common table?

The development and disposition of the child is an individual matter. However, it is certain that every child values the closeness of their parents above all else and is much calmer when they feel their presence and can follow them with their eyes.

Tripp Trapp kultowe krzesło

Thanks to the newborn set, the Tripp Trapp chair can serve the baby from the first days of life and will greatly facilitate many everyday activities for parents. The child is in a safe position at the height of the table, which makes him participate in family life from the beginning, accompany his mother in the kitchen, or observe parents and siblings during meals, learning many behaviors at the same time and observing the household members with interest.]

The next important stage in the life of an infant is the time of expanding the diet with solid meals and the ability to sit steadily. Then the Tripp Trapp chair, along with the Baby Set, turns into the healthiest and safest first chair of our child.

kultowe krzesełko które rośnie razem z dzieckiem

When the moment finally comes when the child learns new flavors and his diet is expanded, it is worth getting used to eating at the family table and celebrating meals together. Creating comfortable, safe and suitable for his posture sitting conditions for a small child is extremely important. It broadens the spectrum of activities and new activities that we can teach our toddler, and also supports the emotional and physical development of a young person. Common meals at the table are not only convenience when feeding, but above all an accelerated, practical course of independent eating for a baby who learns – seeing and imitating other household members. It is also an opportunity to strengthen family ties and build in a child from an early age – a sense of belonging to a community of close and loving people.

An essential element for shaping the correct posture of the child during play, improving various manual skills and feeding / eating sitting down – is, of course, a chair. In such early childhood, the skeleton is still very flexible and changes from day to day - that's why it is so important to take care of the child's healthy posture during meals. In this respect, the Tripp Trapp chair will do well!

Correct posture of the child during eating, i.e. controlled (r)evolution

The change in the position and posture of the baby, in which he is fed, and later independently takes meals – proceeds very dynamically in the first year after birth. It is not difficult to see that from the almost horizontal position of the newborn, and after a time of the semi-reclining position in which the child takes liquid meals (milk) – this posture is gradually verticalized – up to normal – sitting.

In a situation where we are dealing with a larger, already sitting child, it is very important that he has his feet resting on the footrest, and the pelvis arranged in an intermediate position. This posture is best when taking foods with a constant consistency – it provides good stability for the trunk and pelvis, and by the way – optimal conditions for the chewing apparatus and motor coordination. The leg support also allows uninhibited movements and maneuvering of the upper body – which is necessary when the baby independently reaches the plate or bowl. Certainly, few people are also aware that the lack of support for the feet in the baby can lead to their permanent deformation. Incorrect sitting posture while taking a meal, contributes to the incorrect work of the diaphragm, which can cause difficulties in chewing and swallowing, and consequently even choking. The key aspect for shaping a healthy posture of our child is also the appropriate support and stabilization of the spine, which should be the task of a well-fitting and contoured chair backrest.

Tripp Trapp kultowe krzesełko, rozszerzanie diety

What features should the ideal high chair for a child have?

Taking into account the above recommendations, the most important seems to be the appropriate profile of support for the back and legs, as well as the height, which will provide the child with natural and uninhibited maneuverability when eating at the table. The Tripp Trapp chair meets all these criteria and is at the same time safe, stable, easy to clean, and made of natural, durable materials. In order to provide the baby with the best comfort, the depth of the seat should be from 2/3 to 3/4 of the length of his thigh.

Multifunctional Tripp Trapp chair, or strength enchanted in simplicity

The Scandinavian style is characterized by simple and at the same time extremely functional solutions, and at the same time a timeless design that harmonizes with a wide range of interior design. The embodiment of the Scandinavian style of thinking is the wonderful Tripp Trapp chair, which for years has been supporting the building of a healthy attitude in children from birth to adulthood! It is not a myth that many adults take their "baby" Tripp Trapp chairs even when leaving for college, or use them even in the office :) Tripp Trapp is an "enchanted chair" because it grows with the child, adapting – like a chameleon – to changing circumstances and needs, while being one of the synonyms of good style and a symbol of world-famous design.

rozszerzanie diety tripp trapp krzesełko do karmienia

A chair that grows with your child

The ergonomic chair has been designed in such a way as to smoothly adapt to the growing child, as well as to fit perfectly into different heights of tables or countertops. Well-thought-out design and perfect profiling of the furniture – it makes it easier for the toddler to eat, play, browse books, draw, do homework and many other activities. Mobile adjustment of the seat and footrest range allows you to set the chair – both at a high table and, for example, at a low coffee table. The chair is entirely made of natural, beech wood, painted only with water paints that do not carry any danger to the child. The furniture is available in several colors, with a predominance of warm, subdued cleanliness. The chair is covered by a 7-year warranty period, which proves its above-average quality, durability and resistance – even with intensive use and other undesirable factors.

tripp trapp

Tripp Trapp's smart solutions are a guarantee of health, safety and... savings. When completing a layette, it is difficult to find a more versatile and long-lasting product, which we do not have to part with after the first months of :)

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